How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has one of the highest divorce rates in America, so it goes without saying that the county is flooded with divorce lawyers. Trying to find the best divorce lawyers in Los Angeles is clearly a task akin to trying to find a coin in the bottom of a swimming pool with a blindfold on. However, by utilizing smart resources, engaging the right kind of research, and truly understanding your unique situation, you can find the best lawyer in your hometown of Los Angeles best suited to defend your case and ensure you aren’t taken to the cleaners in a rough divorce.

Your Divorce DNA

Most people think that finding a lawyer to handle their divorce means they simply need to find a divorce lawyer in LA who has exceptional experience. However, in order to truly find the best divorce attorney you first must look at your divorce DNA and recognize the strands that make your situation unique. Then you need to look for a lawyer whose specialty is divorce AND who has experience in handling divorce cases with some of your makeup. For example, let’s say your spouse is legally in the country on a work visa and has applied for citizenship, you share a business with your spouse, and you have children born in your spouse’s country of origin. She is threatening to take them back to her country of birth and there is discrepancy regarding the terms of the shared business. Although some divorces are straightforward and done with compliance, most are not and come with tangles and complex snags. This is why finding a divorce lawyer who has dealt with cases similar to yours will give you a better chance for an ideal decision, as niche experience can garner big wins in court.

Reach Out to Past Clients

While testimonials on a law firm’s website are great and attest to the talent, you will get greater value in feedback that comes directly from a past client’s mouth. All divorce cases are public record. This means you can search a database to see what cases your attorney defended, see the names of the people they defended in court, and look them up. Once you get the referral’s name turn to social media; look to Facebook and LinkedIn to find the person and send them a brief, polite request to set up a call for feedback. Explain that you are considering to hire the lawyer, that your life rests on your decision, and you just need a few minutes of the person’s time to ask questions.

Check with Los Angeles County on Your Lawyer’s Reputation

In addition to checking with the California bar association, see if any complaints have been filed in Los Angeles County against your lawyer. Check with the state bar, as well as private organizations like the ADL. Perform a Google search on the attorney to see if anything negative comes up. Usually if an attorney has committed a horrible act an article will surface, or a strong of bad reviews.