How to Choose Oil Tank Removal and Demolition Services in NJ

If your NJ based commercial property is in need of oil tank removal or demolition services, finding the right company to perform these is vital to your growth. If you partner with the wrong service provider, a number of things could go wrong that may result in hemorrhaging money, being fined, or even having to close your doors. If you need oil tank removal and demolition services in NJ for your industrial property, be sure to follow these tips to find oil tank removal experts aligned to fit your goals.

Is the Oil Tank Removal Company an Industry Leader?

It is important that the oil tank removal company you partner with is a true industry leader. Not only does this attest to their ability to do the job well, but it shows they do it better than the other guys. The company should offer environmental services, demolition and oil tank detection and removal operations with pollution and liability insurance–the calling sign of a true leader in the oil tank removal space. An industry leading oil tank removal service provider will naturally offer other services that can go hand-in-hand with underground oil tank extractions. These include aboveground tank removal, oil tank removal from under existing structures, product removal and disposal, vacuum truck service, certified clean backfill, tank detection, soil sampling and remediation, disposal / transportation / management of hazardous soil, sub-service evaluation and LSRP services in-house.

Find a Certified Oil Tank Removal and Demolition Company

If your business is in New Jersey you will want to take extra care in finding an oil tank removal and commercial demolition company that has the right certifications. In the event an unforeseen issue comes up, your insurance may be useless if the oil tank removal company isn’t properly certified. Look for the following:

  • NJ Business Registration
  • NJ Division of Consumer Affairs
  • NJ Div. Property Management and Construction
  • NJ DOT
  • NJ Employee Information Report
  • NJ Public Works Registration
  • NJ Schools Development
  • NJ Small Business Enterprise
  • NJ Solid Waste Transporter
  • NJ DEP (UST)
  • Company Tank Certificate
  • NJ Weights & Measures

In regards to the NJ DEP (UST) make sure the closure is install – entire with subsurface, tank testing and cathodic protection testing. In looking at the NJ Div. Property Management and Construction this should include concrete/found, footings and masonry, pumping stations, road construction and paving, UST / closure and installation, and waste removal of both toxic and hazardous.

Choose a NJ Demolition Company and Oil Tank Removal Specialist with 20+ Years Experience

Environmental contracting, soil remediation, oil tank removal, and all the other services that you may require have gone through some extreme shifts in regards to best practices and technologies in the last 20 years. Companies that have rode the waves and evolved with the changes always offer a far better level of service and are more reliable. Make sure your oil tank removal and demolition company in NJ has at least 20 years of experience or you are likely investing with a second-rate player.