3 Ways Military Power Supplies Make the US Armed Forces Powerful

The US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard have a global reputation for being the most powerful on the planet. From having elite units of highly trained soldiers to the best fighter jets and defence systems, America is not about to be taken down any time soon.

One of the multiple items that helps makes America’s forces so powerful are military power supplies–devices that have a number of purposes to empowering our defence systems. Here are three ways that military power supplies keep America’s borders and our allies safe.

1. Military Power Supplies Empower Communications

Sometimes communications are carried out in harsh environments. From arctic regions 50 degrees below zero, to high-pressure confinement thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface, our armed forces must have global communication capabilities. Devices like a 3 phase transformer designed to be used in these types of environments will help keep communications running smoothly. Transformers 3 phase devices like the military grade 5 Class S 400 Hz PRF-27 Power Transformer 4D can enable radio communications and cams from any position on the planet, to any receiving device in the world.

2. A Stronger Air Defence with AC to DC Converters

A tremendous amount goes into running a power house air defence. From launching fighter jets from aircraft carrier decks to launching missiles at land targets, there are a number of censors, com systems, computers and propulsion components firing at once. AC to DC converters compliant with the MIL-901 high impact shock to meet MIL-STD-810 FCC 20780 class A EMI compliance IP65 allows energy to transfer in between jet operations to help the pilot and his ground crew perform successful missions that help keep America and our allies safe.

3. Military Power Supplies for Intelligence Gathering

The US armed forces rely on gathering intelligence to help protect our country from hostile nations. From the eight-wheeled Stryker combat vehicle that penetrates areas for surveillance and reconnaissance to drones capturing ariel images, collecting intelligence data requires military power supplies that allow efforts to run without flaws. DC inverter solutions, or DC to AC inverters are lightweight and rugged while offering the ability for missions to carry out without any hiccups. DC inverter products are generally used to supply AC power from DC sources such as batteries or solar panels. High-powered spy drones use solar panels and batteries to maintain flight and stealth strategies making the DC to AC inverter a hero amongst military power supplies.

Military Power Supplies Keep America Safe

The next time you hear the after burner of an F-16 thunder overhead, or see a battleship leave port, keep in mind that military power supplies are the components that provide energy and alignment with other working points. Without military power supplies no arms could be fired or payloads delivered. Jets could not fly, ships would be floating targets, and our troops would be lost in a world of silence where communication would be impossible.